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With my Matilda Jane party being a couple weeks ago I of course took on the challenge of a quick bathroom redecorating project starting the week before.  Don't you always completely trash a room before you are having people over?  It's like the thrill of a deadline or something?  Idk...

Anyways, so of course I decided to do stripes too... because that is obviously super easy and quick! Duh!

And here's how it turned out.  I'm very pleased. 

The mirror I found at a flea market last summer and have been holding on to.  Initially I was thinking I would paint it white, but lots of gold accents are making their way into our home and I kind of like it like as is now.

I thought the room needed a little something over the toilet but I wasn't sure what so I just started scrounging around the house hoping to find some goodies.  This entire vignette cost me $0.

The elephant we had and he used to sit in our living room. 
The shelf was a shelf that I had used at my antique booth that I no longer do at the moment. 
The milk glass was in my garage and the shells are from our Florida & Aruba trips.
The little artwork is done by my little Ells. 
Books we had.
And the gold frame was sitting upstairs in a closet. 

The octopus I found a Home Goods a few weeks ago and just fell in love.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I love it at as little hand towel holder in here.  It just adds a little interest.

Look for more details on the striping this week!  

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House Seven said...

Can you please gift me the Octopus when you are done with him! That is AWESOME!

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