Friday Favorite : Little Green Notebook

Do you have any blogs that you religiously check everyday?!  I typically go through blogs with recent posting listed under MY blogs on my blogger home page.  But there are a few that I don't even wait for them to post and I go directly to their site... hoping and praying they've posted something new since I last checked!

One of those is Little Green Notebook.

I found Jenny's blog a couple years ago when I was wanting to dye lampshades.  She had a really cute tutorial and it was easy and worked really well.  I love that she's not afraid to reuse things and she loves hunting for great finds just like I do, but she finds AMAZING things!

Some of my favorite projects that she's done include...

Using Plywood for flooring in her new office area which she posted about here:

 photo DIYwideplankfloors.jpg

I loved the final result and wish I had somewhere I could do this!
A great affordable option for a larger space!

Tips for Thrifting which she posted about here:

 photo IMG_8635.jpg

I don't know if it's just where she is located (NY now Arizona I think) but she comes across the most amazing things!  I love that she shares her tips and I love that she takes 30 seconds sometimes to run through her favorite thrift stores because consistency in stopping is how you find the best things!

Her DIY Faux Painted Bust which she shows here:

 photo blueprint-1.jpg
I saw a bust at Hobby Lobby the other day that I wouldn't mind trying this on...

And her little redo on this vinyl chair made me seek one out even though I don't have a place to put it!

 photo DSC_0602copy.jpg

And I seriously looked for a chair like this for like a week straight after I saw this post to try to do this to!  i really don't have anywhere for one to go, but I wanted to stripe a chair like this... doesn't it look so chic?!?

I love seeing what she's got up her sleeve everyday!  She's got an eclectic style which I LOVE and I feel like her homes are always pretty "layered" but they always seem livable and comfortable!  She does a really great job of mixing old with new and reusing things!  If you haven't already, and you love decor and thrifting, then you should hop over to Jenny's blog and check out all her DIYs!  I am pretty sure you'll fall in love instantly!

Happy Friday!


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