Random Ramblings -- Like Woah

Well, lets try this getting on track thing again...

Wow.. I have been out of it.  I feel like there is no time for anything anymore!  And can you believe it's already Thanksgiving!  I'm just like woah! 

I've been WAY out of it with regards to blogging.  I feel like this was/is an outlet for me to unleash on the world when I'm down or mad or disappointed, or a reason to share a craft or update I did around my home that I'm (kinda) proud of (or not), or a reason to just craft in the first place.  And it's my way to actually READ things -- I would check blogs daily... now I find myself trying to catch up and missing out on major life events like how Katie over at Bower Power had her little boy!  While she has no idea who I am, I love her blog and love to read it!  Same with others that I have tagged in my favorites on the blog (keep scrolling down and you'll see them -- Favorite Little Blogs).

My life has gotten a bit more complicated over the last few weeks -- between work travel, work, holidays, hockey, and just random life issues my stress levels have probably plato-ed, or at least I hope they have.  I'm ready for my life to have some sort of order, but I usually find myself falling just short of that.  But because of all these things colliding at once, I feel like I'm missing out on things and want to get back into the blogging game for sure.  I love having comments from people, or getting new followers (yes, I know you are there and I love you for it), or following old followers (yes, I look at your blogs too!)!  It makes me feel somehow connected to the world.  Move over World News, blogs keep me in the loop!

So with all that being said, Thank you for following, reading, hanging, and bearing with me through the no posts!  I love you for it.  And even though I get sick of everyone on Facebook putting what they are thankful for for the days of November, I am thankful for things too -- I'm just not THAT public of a person...yet.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow so there are things to be THANKFUL for like pumpkin pie and cheesecake!  Oh yea, and family of course. 

Maybe I'll have a few moments to get caught up on things this weekend.  In the next couple weeks, I'll be playing catch up.  I'm not going to put a hard and fast deadline on my catching up because it's taken me 3 months to fall of the bandwagon so it will probably take me a little while to get back on... but, there are things I want to share.  Cute things. 

So look for posts about:

Pumpkin Patches
Holiday Decor
Baby Kakes
San Diego
Hockey Tournaments
Back problems...
First Birthday Party Ideas

That's about what I have at the moment, but there is more.


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