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We all know though, that music can make or break a wedding and I for one will not have it break mine!  I've worked way too hard to make this a good time for everyone so finding the right band or DJ is a big deal!  I think we've got it down to the fact that unfortunately we have to go with a DJ.  I really wanted a band.  I just think they are more fun.  I like the feel of live music.  It's brings a sort of sophistocation to the event.  But DJs have their plusses too. 

Usually bands can't play all the songs that DJs can, DJs generally cost less, there are those charasmatic DJs out there who can MAKE the event and keep it going all night long, but then again, there are those who can't and kill it like Adam Sandler did in The Wedding Singer as pictured above.  Love Stinks...Yea, Yea! 

Bands can run upwards of $1000-2500!  However, a good bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception if you want him to interact with everyone on the dancefloor.  My venue is perfect for a band becuase there is a full stage!!!  Which kind of sucks, but whatever. 

Mike and I know who we'd love to have! ZANNA DOO!!! But they are out of our price range! They are the one band that I know that gets everyone out on the dance floor. I don't know what it is about them, but they've just got it! But due to budget restrictions I think it's down to R-n-B Sound out of Fort Fun or Dr. Feelgood Inc.  Why do they all have to be so cheezy?  I mean why can't there just be a classy DJ?  I think Cheezy comes with the territory.  Oh well.  My biggest fear is this...

There are some great websites out there that help like GigMasters where you can see actual perfomances and here actual footage of previous gigs they have done.  And do your research and make sure they are working for you...they need to be open to your likes and dislikes and be willing to play or not play certain types of music because after all, you are the one paying them and the customer is always right! 


June Hoffman said...

Little Miss Martha...you are SO right with so many parts of your post.

You wrote: "Why do they all have to be so cheezy? I mean why can't there just be a classy DJ? I think Cheezy comes with the territory."

The Fort Wayne area does offer quality MC's. Unfortunately, many DJ's simply don't understand what "classy" means or do not know how to ask what a bride and groom (the clients) what they REALLY want for their wedding. It's more than just pushing buttons and playing music.

And, YES, you are the client paying for the services and you SHOULD get what you want. You should meet the ACTUAL person ahead of time who will be respesenting you at your wedding. You should know ahead of time that your MC/DJ will run your wedding the way you want it (with announcements, event flow, music, and more). You leave nothing to chance and have the trust and reassurance that your wedding will go according to plan and that the MC/DJ is willing to adjust their "performance" in order to accomodate the actual event and be prepared for the unexpected.

Every bride and groom deserves respect from the person (DJ/MC) who they have entrusted to pull off the "party of the century"!!

You post is right on about research and taking the time to plan. Great support for brides planning their wedding!! For DJ's there should be No whine...no cheese!!

honey said...

I think it is important to SEE the DJ perform before hiring them. If you don't want cheese (e.g. disco ball, silly glasses and "come on everyone get up and dance") then you want to make sure that is not what will happen!

I agree that the energy in a live band is what makes the event more exciting but a good DJ can really blow it out also :)

Zanna Doo did my sisters wedding a few years ago, they are great!

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