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While I was searching for Miss Frozen Yogurt on WeddingBee yesterday and looking through my posts to see if anyone had listed anything for me to use as a template for my invites enclosures, I came across a blog that was new to me.  Now, I have become what my mother calls a "Blog Hog" recently and Mike will tell you the same.  All I do is talk about what this blog said and that blog said and they are probably sick of hearing all these blog ideas.  But...in all reality, as Big Miss Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing."

So yesterday I came across i do it yourself.  It's amazing.  You want to know why?  Don't worry...I'll tell you.  Because they link to other sites that give you free (yes FREE -- the best word ever) templates, DIY ideas, different fonts, labels, address tags, etc.  It's absolutely amazing.  Yesterday they had free vintage labels like this...

One of my favorite items on there is...
It would go perfect with my bow theme.

Maybe 2 ivory ones for the outside of the church doors?!?! 
What do you think? 

I love that they link you to what and where you need to be! 

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