-- The Unresponsive Priest --

Ok, so Mike and I have taken the appropriate measures to get married in the church. 

1.  Start going to church -- although, not on a very consistent basis, we do occasionally.  And the Catholic Faith is always around us...Mike coaches a Catholic Hockey team, I mean, c'mon.  It's like staring at us right in the face every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

2. Join the Church -- Ok, so the papers are filled out, but everytime we do go to the church I forget to grab them.  The intent is there...it's just my brain is frazzled.  I can't help it.  I get that from my mother.  Sorry mom, but we both know it's true. 

4.  Meet with the Priest -- We met with Father Tom.  He's great.  A little bit of dry humor, trying to see what he can get out of us, i.e. donations for the church. 

3.  Take the Pre-Marital Inventory -- I really didn't want to take this, but I did.  We took it I think before Christmas actually.  Heck, I can't remember.  Side note: Does anyone say heck anymore?  I'd probably normally say hell, but this is a Church based blog today so I thought I'd try to prevent myself from saying that one...but it slipped. 

Now here's the tricky part...

4.  Meet with other Priest to discuss the Pre-Marital Inventory Results -- Mike has been calling him since maybe the second week in January and he doesn't call back.  Let me see.  If you were a priest and someone was calling you to try to make an appointment with you, don't you think you'd call back?  What if they needed their Last Rites?  What if they wanted you to come see them in the Hospital?  I suppose they'd leave those words on their messages, but we are trying to get married and that's important too.  I know priests are busy, but seriously...this is just like a job.  You have to return phone calls...AND EMAILS!!!  It's 2010! 

Two months trying to get a hold of a priest is a bit out of control, don't you think?  This is one reason why I didn't want to do this in the first place!  It took me almost 8 months to find a church to marry us and now the priests do not respond!  Are you serious?!!?  Here lies is my dissappointment in the church -- communication, openness, willingness, and workability. 

Ok, there's my bitch session for the day.  I just hope we can get this set up soon and get it checked off the list because it's starting to stress me out.  Ugh. 

Mike's check list for the day:
Call Priest
Call DJ
Finish getting Addresses needed on his side


Mary Elizabeth said...

As a close friend of our pastor here in our town I can tell you ours does so very much for our town. He spends his days conducting Mass, visiting shut ins , hospitals, helping those who come to outreach in confidence and desperation for food, rent, and spiritual guidance. our pastor is also the Chaplain for the state police and goes with them to peoples homes to deliver news of loved ones whom passed tragically and anointing the sick. Some days he will conduct a wedding a funeral and a Baptism. All that said our priest would probably call back within 2 hours. Good luck with your wedding and don't be too frustrated with the guy. He probably sees your event as a blessed happy one and will have a good explanation for his delay. Hopefully :0) God Bless PS I really like your blog!

- - - Little Miss Martha - - - said...

Thanks! We finally got a hold of him the night I wrote this blog! Go figure! He actually answered. Then he asked us to email him again with dates and times and he'll pick one. We'll see how much longer this takes to get set up! :) I'm not worried yet...until the church says they won't marry us because it hasn't been done in time! haha... Then I'll be really upset.

Until then...

Lorelei said...

Found your blog while searching for what to do about our unresponsive priest. Only two months till the wedding and after meeting with him once, we haven't heard from his since. It has now been four months without a reply to emails or in response to my fiance having stopped in and left message in person. How are we supposed to complete the requirements when the priest doesn't care enough to call us back? This is ridiculous!

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