Busy Busy...

These past few days have been busy busy! 
And the next few are going to be busy busy too! 

Quick recap::
Saturday was Ella's 3rd Frozen Birthday Party.  It was chaos, but I think everyone had fun.
Hoping to recap it soon --- along with all the other things!

Last night I hosted a CAbi party.  No one came. :( You know, either I have no friends or people just got busy.  Lets go with the latter.  haha... But I got to enjoy a personal styling session with the awesome CAbi clothes with my new friend Marcie.  See... I have friends.  And if you'd like to see the collection or order something check it out here.

And this weekend, I have some Maeve Vintage appointments as well as our very first bridal show that we are ever anxiously preparing for.  I feel stressed and excited all at the same time!  YAY! 

So... sorry to be a little MIA but lots of things going on...
I'll leave you with this... Enjoy!

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