800 Posts! Like Woah!

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That music used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And maybe they'd be happy for a while...

I started this blog long ago... To document the wedding process really.  To share my likes and dislikes.  To share my happy with people like you.  At the time, I was doing a lot of DIY projects for my wedding and it was mostly about saving money because we didn't really have much.  I didn't really realize that I was that crafty but others apparently did and so this blog just happened.  And seemed natural.  But over the last 6 years, Little Miss Martha has gone through many transformations...
I can't believe now I've published 800 posts!  What the heck did I write about and share?!  800 times?!  And some of you are still out there reading?!?  Or maybe are new?!  It's an honor to share good things with you guys!  I'm glad you've been along for the ride. 
But seriously, what did I write about... Even I'm not sure... so lets take a quick stroll down memory lane... {insert clouds and magical music here}

In March of 2008 I introduced you to Little Miss Me.
"This blog will mostly be about trying to get my jewelry name out there, but I'm sure I'll have work stories and much much more. I started Verre Chic in October after I went to a craft show and saw a few jewelry vendors. I thought to myself, I could do this. And so I did. I feel that my pieces are affordable, chic, and very unique"
See... Even I was wrong on what this little blog was about! 

In 2009, I got engaged...
"The best part about it was that it was just me and my boys. Even if the dogs were barking when we kissed, it was still just right - Mike in front of me, Louie at my feet, and Lex jumping up to hug me! "

In July of 2010 I started selling Stella & Dot, I got married... And then blogged about my next wedding...
In 2011, I shared that I was expecting... and in 2012, we welcomed Ella.
In 2013, I attempted a 31 Days challenge and made it 10 days.  Bahaha.  It helps to laugh at yourself.  And started Maeve. Very Slowly and quietly...  

In 2014, I joined The City Moms and I feel like I got a hold of my blog again... It felt good to be back at it and better than before. 

In 2015, I realized by writing this post that I never shared a happy birthday to my daughter on her birthday this year!  I shared the entire day with her... but forgot to post about it!

While the year has just begun, it looks to be a good one. 
Again, thanks for being along for the ride - sticking with me through the ups and downs and inconsistencies!  Can you believe I've posted 800x?!  I can't. That's for sure.  
Little Miss Martha has been there for me through all my big lifetime moments.  Engagement, Marriage, Babies, Parenting, Finding Me, Making New Friends, etc... All good things!  This trip down memory lane was just that... a TRIP! 

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