-- Wedding Wednesday -- At My Next Wedding --

So everything from our wedding was wonderful. 
The cake was delicious, the DJ was awesome, the photographers were amazing, our friends and family all showed up, along with Mike and I -- no one was really worried about that.  ;)

Here is a video that our DJ put up of the reception.  Love Nico at All Star DJs.  They were great!  Would recommend them to anyone! 

But...aren't there always things you'd do over?  I know I would.  Here's the list.

1.  Make the reception venue cooler...it got a little hot. 
2.  Use bigger plates for the food.  We used small plates because it was supposed to be appetizer type food, but we both think bigger plates would have worked nicely.
3.  Hire help.  My mom and I basically did it all myself. 
4.  Save up more before so I could spend more on the big day!!! 
5.  Bargain/Negotiate more.  I feel like somethings I got taken on, but I guess you live you learn. 
6.  Apply for more sweepstakes. 
7.  Use different Suit/Tux shoppe.  Not really satisfied with how they looked. 
8.  Have better friends... I found out who my real friends were throughout the process. 
9.  Have more details -- I had a sign for the trolley, signs for our chairs, pictures at the entrance, but I wish I had done more heart to heart details.  I wish I could have done something special for Mike.  I wish I could have done something special for all our friends, etc.  I just wish I could have done more.  And I could have with more money...we just ran out. :(
10.  Take dance classes.  Looking back, I feel like our dance was boring...and it was.  But that was one of the last things on our list...  Totally worth it. 
11.  Hunt Harder for better deals.  I'm very quick to say OK.  I should have looked harder for deals on gifts, rehearsal dinner sites, items we used. 
12.  Let more people get involved (if they were around and willing)
13.  Make more phone calls. 
14.  Not make my own invites and splurge on them too!!! 
15.  Blog More.

Those are 15 for today.  I know that we've discussed other things -- where we would spend money and where we wouldn't have.  I know there are other things.  I can't think of them right now.  That will be at my next next wedding I guess. 

Are there things that you'd change about your wedding?  Or maybe I should rephrase that...if you could have another wedding (hopefully to the same person), more like a do-over, what would you do differently?

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Rhiannon Nicole said...

Hi Abby!

So I just found your comment on my blog and thought I would come check yours out!! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day; like a model bride! I am so glad I found this post too because I am sitting here two months after my own wedding feeling crappy about things that didn't go my way too...like:

• the weather - uncontrollable but still a p*ss off :) I wish we could have gotten married on a beautiful day outside, like we had planned for for a year
• wish I would have had my hair different, it looked to tied up and not romantic enough but oh well
• our dance was boring too, but who has time for lessons? I wish we could have surprised everyone
• I would have hired a planner. I was so stressed that day and did so much on my own because I didn't trust anyone to see my vision (a planner could have done this)
• I would have saved more money and bought more fun things, like a band, a videographer, my fave flowers, different shoes, fancy gifts for my parents and a vintage car for photos but oh well.
• oh and the friends thing? Don't get me started on that sista!! I had a MIA bridesmaid show up DURING portraits. I didn't think she'd even come. Then the drama between them all; let's just say weddings are a great way to determine who your best friends really are.

My point is, youre married now and so in love. And that my friend is the best part of your wedding :) hugs to you girlfriend!! XO

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