-- Thrifty Thursday -- Goodwill Finds --

Last Thursday on my way home from work I was really craving a good walk through of our closest Goodwill stores.  I was totally inspired by last weeks headboard makeover so I was hoping to find something good. 

Well, I didn't really find much I could redo except for these... 

Some cute little viney, leafy, candle holders.  I think they are cute but they looked dirty before.  I found them at Goodwill for $1 a piece.  I took some ivory paint that I had and just brushed it over the bronze color.  They now look much more crisp and clean. 

I also found some prints for my bathroom.  I only have pictures of houses in there. The three on the back wall are all black and whites - one is from Uncle Russel (The uncle of the family I used to nanny for), one my mom purchased and I kind of snuck out, and the other is an old one that I found in our garage from my Aunt Anna.  All in black frames. 

So the set of three that I found were all in black frames and all houses, but these had a bit of color.  I like them.  I think they are pictures that are from newspapers.  I think they are cute...and a set....and only $2 a piece!  DEAL!!! 

There were some other good buys too!  I found this picture...$8. 

I found these cute little decorative vases for 50 cents a piece. 

I found this lamp base ($7) and lampshade ($2) that I'm going to cover. 

Overall, it was a good shopping trip!  Thrifty at that!  Under $30!  That's my favorite part!  :) 

What are you best finds?!

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