-- Good Morning --

Ok, so I just have to tell you a little about how my day has gone...

Woke up this morning.  Did not want to get out of bed.  Typical Monday. 
Clothes were wrinkly.  Of course.  Threw in dryer...no time to iron.<--would ever happen at 5am anyways
It's freezing outside <-- complete exaggeration, it was 50 degrees
I'm dying for coffee.  Thought Mike set the coffee maker last night since he'd cleaned it.  Bad Assumption.
Come downstairs half dressed to make the coffee. 
Make coffee.
Finish getting ready.  Dogs are following me everywhere. 
Make lunch.  <-- grab healthy choice, apple, string cheese and throw in bag.  Very complicated.
Coffee is finished.  Grab a traveller mug.  Oh wait, there isn't any.  They are all dirty and/or lost. 
Grab a mug.  <-- always a bad idea for a 5:30am drive to work
Attempt to leave
5:35 <-- only 5 min late
Attempt to leave
5:37 <-- by the time I get in my car will be 10 min late
Decide that even though I have coffee in my hand, I'll need to stop at Starbucks for a coffee...  I know, don't ask.
Get in car.  5:52 by my car clock.  On MY time, not really on time. 14 min fast for whatever reason. 
Hit the steering wheel as I get in the car.
Spill coffee all over my leg. 
Thanking god that I'm in almost all black. <-- not going in to change
Start car. 
Pull out of driveway. 
Almost to highway when I realize I forgot my lunch.
Drive. Drive. Drive. FAST. 
Hoping there are no cops.
Pull into Starbucks.  
Apparently Starbucks is having a party.
Maybe all these people who are never here at this time on other days have has the same last 30 min like me?!?
Grab my Grande Pike.
Go to work. 

Here's to a great start to the week.  Yea Right.


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