-- Doing It All Over Again Part 1 --

Wedding Wednesdays come so quickly. 
For some reason I was looking at bridesmaid dresses today... OH, I know why.  I was looking at one of the event blogs that I follow and the bridesmaids looked like they were wearing J Crew in the most recent coordination they did.  Which made me wonder about my choice for BM Dresses...  Hmmm....

Here's what I chose for my girls...

I was watching something the other day and someone was totally making fun of this dress.  I wish I could remember what it was, but it kind of made me cringe.  Did I do what I said I wouldn't do?  I thought everyone looked really nice in them and I thought they were flattering and classic... but did I pick the ultimately worst BM Dress Ever?! 

There was kind of a bow theme at my wedding.  My dress had a bow, the girls had a bow, and even the flower girls dresses had a bow.  They were all modern bows though...not like 1980s big bow on your a**.  I thought I did good. 

But today I started to look at BM dresses because this thought crossed my mind.  If I did pick an awful dress, what would I do next time around... even though there won't be a "next time around."  I think I would have done what I originally intended to do.  Picked 3/4 dresses and let everyone choose their own.   Originally these were the 3 I was letting everyone choose from. 

Now, if  I had to do it all over again...or help someone else decide on BM Dresses, I think I'd go with something like this...

Or maybe something like this... I think this is truly unique. 
Or lastly, maybe something like this...
Love the color...
So now comes the question...  How did you feel about your bridesmaid dresses?  Or what would/will you should for your wedding? 

Happy Wednesday!

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