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Since keys are all the rage right now I thought it would be a good choice for our Etsy Finds today!  My favorite are the skeleton keys.  They give you something old to look at and remember how it used to be.  I was looking on Craigslist yesterday and actually saw a chest for sale that would only open with a skeleton key!  How cool...

Anyways, here we go...

Our first pick is from Margo's Originals.  It's a great key necklace in silver.  I love it's simplicity.  Open your heart with this Tibetan Silver key charm on 16" sterling silver chain. This necklace could be a great gift for the upcoming holidays or for yourself!  It's available to be personalized with initial discs or birthstones!

Margo's Originals Key to My Heart Necklace

This highball glass comes from Phoenix Fire Studios.  I kind of love it.  Although I don't use highball glasses often, it's one that I'd LOVE to pull out for friends!  All pieces at this shop are handblasted!  Check it out! 

Skeleton Key Etched High Ball Glass by Phoenix Fire Studios

I am a sucker for prints.  I love modern art prints.  And I love the ones that have cute sayings on them with some funky background or colors.  Here is a Live Laugh Love print from Farouche.  It's very sassy and bright.  You could put this anywhere in your house!

Live Laugh Love by Farouche

Next up is a pillow.  I think I need help with editing pillows.  They seem to trickle into my house.  This one could come by any day!  It's so cute, clean, and simple.  Check it out at Modernality's shop on Etsy. 
Antique Key Linen Pillow by Modernality

The last find for today is some soap.  Not just any soap, but Carnival scented soap with a skeleton key in the middle!  It's a honey glycerin soap bar.  Steam Bath Factory says that it's for the adventurous lady!  I just think it's fun.  

Skeleton Key Soap by Steam Bath Factory

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you have suggestions for Etsy Finds they are always welcome!  Happy Long Weekend!

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