Waxing The City Indianapolis

Last week I was doing as I do by hanging out with some of my friends from The City Moms group and trying out new places as they so often allow us to do... We were having a Girls Night Out at Waxing the City. It's a new waxing spot in Indy.  And let me just tell you, I loved it.  
No women were hurt while there -- While they do offer waxing of all zones we will call them, at our ladies night I decided to just try their eyebrow waxing. ;)  Let me tell you that I do not enjoy getting anything on my face waxed as I usually either break out or become VERY red.  Neither happened and it really didn't hurt AT ALL.  It was kind of wonderful.  
My little waxer lady Risa was awesome.  At Waxing the City they call their waxers Cerologists.  They created the name for them!  Cera is Latin for wax... You are welcome for your latin lesson for the day.  I took it for 8 years, but don't worry I just stole that information from their website.  Not only did Risa keep me distracted, but she shared with me about what she was doing the entire time, their amazing product line, and the different services they offer.  

And this little table made me laugh and a little uncomfortable all at the same time.  haha.  But I did go home with my own "I love my muff" samples.  If you checked in on Facebook while you were there and told them at the front desk, you got a free sample. I mean who doesn't love their muff?!  Too much!?  No...

I'm not sure what specials they have going on today, but you need to check them out!  They also offer the ability to create your own Girls Night Out... Visit their website for a menu of services and then send Nicole an email and tell her you saw it here!

They'd love to help you get your smooth on!  I can't wait to go back for my next appointment!

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