Ghostly Encounters

I don't know if you guys have figured it out yet or not, but Mr. K and I are very very into decorating our house - especially for Halloween.

I saw a few weeks back on The Lettered Cottage, Layla had posted about making a ghost out of cheesecloth.  I thought to myself, well heck, I can do that.  Or so I thought...

Here's theirs....

So... we went to Lowe's and bought two yardsticks. 
We went to Walmart and bought six cheese cloths and some foam balls for the head and hands.
And some Stayflo liquid starch.
Then we came home and went to work.

First, instead of gluing or nailing the yardsticks together, I used what I had on hand - DUCT TAPE. 
Yes, probably the most white trash way to attempt this ghost. 

Then I attached the yardsticks to a pole.  This pole is supposed to stick into the ground, but neither Mr. K nor I could get it to go into the ground so Mr. K came up with the below contraption.

Don't mind Mr. Louie in the background.  He wanted to be a part of the action. 

Then I draped the cheesecloth over the head and the "arms." 
Now, I will tell you that this looks like crap compared to the one shown on the tutorial, but it's not completely finished.

Once you drape the cheesecloth, you spray it with StayFlo Starch and let it dry. 
Here's a before it's done shot...

And here's a final shot:

I also went to Michael's and got some glow in the dark spray paint which we still haven't figured out if it works or not! 
Pretty soon this spooker will be hanging on our porch.

He's needing a name...
And he's not so awful, but next time I'll use more cheesecloth. :)

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