Great Find... and a not so great find too!

So the other day I stopped into Goodwill on my lunch break. 
I tried to stop myself from going but when I walked in and saw this I was so glad I did!
I totally got it for my parents bedroom redo!!!
It was just about perfect...
Colors could be right...
Shape perfect...
Could be redone if we wanted....
Yep, just about perfect.
This was my great find!

Then when I got it home and out of my car, I noticed something...
A crack. 
I didn't think it looked that bad.  I had seen it in the store, but thought it was a scratch and not a crack.

After careful examination, it was decided it was a crack... not one that could be easily fixed.
I thought it would be easier to just seek out either another bench or a set of matching ottomans.

This was my not so good find. 

But for fun, I thought I'd test out the bench just to make sure I HAD to take it back...

Sure enough, the prego lady sat on the bench and I heard a bit of a stretching sound. 
All I could think of was my dad or brother sitting on this and shattering it! 
Although it would be a classic memorable moment, I felt the $40 could be better spent

So the steal of the day has to go back. :(
Major Frown, but I'm on no time limit so I'm sure we'll find something else just as great soon!

Any good finds lately?
That you don't have to return due to damages?!?

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