Winter Must Have

I love our house in the winter!  It looks so cozy and quaint. 

Our Home - Winter 2010
I know I'm pushing the weather a bit, but these 90 degree days have got to go (and I think the time has come...)!  I'm ready for some actual boot wearing weather!  And it might just be on it's way!!!  Just saw on the news that we are in for cooler than ever at this time temperatures!!!  Yay? 

I saw the cutest boots at Target the other day... they are a definte must have! 

Women's C9 by Champion#amp##174; NIR Fur Trimmed Lace Up Winter Boots - Black. Additional View 3

What do you think?
I desperately need to replace my boots that seriously resemble those of Napoleon Dynamite.


Ok, maybe they aren't that bad...

And I don't know why I'm thinking about snow already... really!

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