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My child has a crazy vocabulary.  I can throw very large words at her and she can say them.  It’s really weird to me.  Some kids her age I cannot even understand what they are saying and she can say things like  Machiavellianism or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious C L E A R L Y. She's very articulate and while it hasn't been truly tested could probably hold her own with a 6 year old in conversation. 

I know we aren’t all perfect.  So… marrying a hockey player I knew my vocabulary would change as well.  And it has.  But.. then we had a baby.  So needless to say she’s heard a few cuss words in her short lifetime.  I am pretty sure most of the people I know have said these things in front of their kids too.  Having kids is a learning curve where watching your mouth is hard to do. But my kid is smart (I know they all are).  And funny (I know most are).  And did I mention she has a crazy vocabulary? 

So when she says things to me like “Don’t be an idiot, Mommy”  when I do something silly or “Louie shit in the house again” I can’t help but chuckle first and I totally know she got those from me.  Other than the laughing, I try to ignore it in that moment and then address it later.  Not sure if that’s ok but that’s how we do. 

My biggest fear with my kiddo is that she’ll say these things out in public.  We are going to Disney next week and I feel like we might go somewhere and she might yell “Where the f**k is Mickey?!” and in that moment I will just melt and die.  Yes, she said this last week when we were going to color... "Where the f**k are the crayons mommy?" and I told her we didn't say that word {even though she knows we do say that in our house}.  I'm working on it.  The curse jar starts after Disney.  Maybe that'll help me with saving too!  It might fill up pretty fast. 

Until then I’ll chuckle at the funnies that she says…
And I'll read about other kids cussing here.  

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