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Are you like me and dying to make it to a blog conference?!  Well... I am... and it's not ok that I haven't been to one!  One of my goals for 2015 {Have you figured it out yet that I'm starting the year off with trying to stay true to my goals?!?!} is to attend one.  At least.  My friend Melissa has started this awesome website for creative entrepreneurs and I love it.  Why?  Well because it's a great resource.

The Chief Encouragement Office


Creative, Fun, Full of Info.  I know the website is not fully done yet, but the "educate" page I am especially in love with.  This page includes conferences and workshops to help you grow in your business!

I feel like creative entrepreneur events are hard to come by in the midwest and cost an arm and a leg!  They are seriously upwards of $700 typically.  Some are even $2400.  That's unbelievable to me.  Not that I have ruled them out based on price, but that doesn't really fit into my budget right now.  So...

This year I hope to attend a Bloom Workshop, Haven, and Influence.

Bloom Workshops have introduced mini workshops this year.  Not only are they located in Grand Rapids, but these mini workshops are running around $150-$200 which is more in my budget.  I'm excited to try one in March.  Hoping it doesn't sell out before I get around to signing up!


Haven Conference has just listed their dates for 2015 and I can't wait -- July 16-18 in Atlanta!  I'm hoping to hit this up with my friend Anissa from @housesevenblog this year!  She's instafamous, but we also talked about going last year and this is the year for making things happen so we are going!  Plus, Haven usually runs about $250 so again, in our budget.  "It is where DIY lovers from all over will gather together to encourage and learn from one another. You will find hands-on sessions led by some of the top DIY bloggers who will share their knowledge on subjects such as painting furniture and using power tools. For those of you desiring to learn more about blogging, there will be sessions on topics that include social media and how to monetize your blog."


And lastly The Influence Conference.  Umm... well, it's in Indianapolis so yea, I must go.  I was going to go last year but talked myself out of it because of it's spiritual undertones.  Sometimes that stuff freaks me out. Not going to lie.  But this year I'm going no matter what.   And I'm excited about it.  Already!
So now everything is on my calendar... and I just have to figure out how to pay for all of these!  Time to work on the next 2015 goal... saving...

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