Me. An Introduction.

I started this blog long ago and now it feels like a part of me.  I forget that sometimes when I'm writing there may be new followers or friends that have come to visit.  So for that I figured starting the new year off right that the first post of the year would include an informal introduction to me.

I'm Abby.
As stated in the "About Me" page, sometimes people call me Crabby Abby, Babs, or Little Miss Martha which is how this blog came about. 

*I'm the eldest of four children.  My siblings are great and the youngest is 16. 

*I grew up as an ice skater.  I started when I was five.  There was a rink in our mall at the time where I was signed up for a class.  To this day, I remember falling and saying I'd never skate again.  Fast track to two years later when a friends mom called to see if we wanted to try lessons and the rest is history.  I am a USFS Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field and I skated professionally in a couple of shows for one year. 

*I met my husband at the ice rink.  I swore I'd never marry a hockey player.
 Teaching moment :: Never say never I guess.

*I hope my daughter never wants to ice skate.
(I just ignored my own teaching moment)

*I graduated in 2007 from Marian College - Now Marian University, Indianapolis.  I started in Nursing and then switched to Political Science during an election year and to this day wish I hadn't.  Although, I was lucky enough to snag a job with the government right out of college. 

*I wish I could have four kiddos and then adopt two more. I only say wish because I'm not sure if the pocketbook will ever allow for that, but I love big families and hope for one of my own someday!  I really hope to be able to adopt someday as my husband was adopted. 

*I sometimes feel overwhelmed which I'm sure I'll blog about this year at one point or another.  I take on a lot of things.  I work. I play.  I blog.  I play.  I attempt to clean. I work.  You understand right?  Right now I'm a guest blogger with The City Moms and Hamilton County Family.  Oh, and along with this blog, I also blog at Maeve Vintage.  I get bored and decide to do more.

*I'm 30 years old. Not convinced 30 is the new 20 if they are still saying that... I think maybe at 40 I'll feel differently.

So there you have it. 
There are surely a ton of other things about myself that I'd love to share but for now those are the things you should know.  I hope you'll hang around and invite some friends this year. 
I'm hoping for creativity, inspiring moments, honesty, encouragement, and fun in 2015!


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