2015 Home Tour :: Bedrooms

Continuing on today with my 2015 Home Tour, today I'll share our bedrooms.  Last week I shared the Pantry, Potties, and Playroom as well basically the entire main floor.  Well, 2 of them.  One is really just a dropping ground these days and I need to get it figured out so until then it's off limits.  It used to look like this.  But for now, Ella's Room and the Master will have to do!

::  Ella's Room  ::

::  Master  ::

I hope you enjoyed!  I'm feeling like a stranger in my room because it's so clean.  
Goal :: to keep it that way
Well, not feeling like a stranger, but clean.  

And while cleaning my house this weekend I came across things that I didn't know i had so some organizing and hanging of pictures happened!  Yay!  Now only two more small spaces to organize and clean and then I'll be all caught up for a good way to begin the year!  



Grady Schwartz said...

Oh my! Ella's bedroom is so adorable. It definitely fits her superbly cute personality. Also, the master bedroom looks so elegant. I guess you decided to decorate the rooms personality-wise. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Abby! All the best to you and your family! :)

Grady Schwartz @ iDesign

Van Lucas said...

You definitely know how to make a home look cozy, Abby! I love how Ella's bedroom is exploding with colors, while the master's bedroom is mellow with neutrals. They're complete opposites, but harmonize with each other, so the charm remains the same. You did a great job decorating them. Kudos to you!

Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

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