Things To Do Around the House

The year of doing continues so I am making lists.  They are all over my house and in my amazing Day Designer.  How do people do it?!  Spend time with the kids, cook, keep a clean house, travel, and all that jazz?!  I'm baffled by those who "get it all done."

This year I'm scaling back on what I feel NEEDS to be done around my home.  It's not my forever home.  It's not perfect.  It doesn't have everything I NEED it to have, but it can't.  It has limitations.  So because of that there are only a couple of things on my to do this list year when it comes to household renovations or repurposing. 

UNO ::  The Pantry Office.
I've been discussing this for a couple years now.  Our pantry has an area where the washer and dryer was supposed to go had it been kept downstairs.  I decided to move the laundry upstairs {BEST DECISION EVER} and make the open area in the pantry more of a mudroom.  Over the years I've wanted it to be more of a dropping ground for our coats and such, but now Momma needs a place to work! 
I'd rather turn it into an office now.  I'm sure I'll still incorporate coat hooks somewhere, but I need somewhere I can sit and work and somewhere that has some organization and storage to it!  I need a mini office.
I've blogged about my office inspiration here but I feel like this picture still is the best representation of what I'm going for...
DOS ::  The Painting of the Cabinets.
Our kitchen is small.  It's coming together nicely.  The table.  The bench Seat.  The island >> See Tres.  I am starting to love it.  It's becoming functional.  But the cabinets are still an eye sorer to me.  Most say they are so nice, but I'm in love with the whites and the grays.  If I had the balls, I'd even paint them navy as it's my newest obsession, but see Uno Inspiration above for more on that. 
I really think this could be a weekend project with the help of Rustoleum Kits.  I'm hoping to do a dark gray on the bottom and white on the top.  I think this is totally doable.  It's 3 cabinets each.  Small kitchens sometimes have an upside.
TRES ::  Finish the Island.
Remember when I got this amazing cabinet from EBTH?  It sat in the garage for a while- probably six months.  Then I started to worry it wouldn't work.  So I put it in it's place.  Now it's our unfinished island.  That thing has been cleaned more times over than you can image.  The top needs replaced with butcher block that I plan on getting from Menards and then I need to spray the bottom with somesort of sealer so that I don't look any more of the amazing color.  The drawers and cabinet need new hardware and some contact paper to clean them up a bit.  Other than that, it's almost done.  And when it's done, it'll be one of my favorite pieces in the house I'm sure!

CUATRO ::  A Bench Cushion.
This has been on the list for sometime now too. I've been super wishy washy about it.  Finding the right mix of fabrics seems hard to me.  I was going to use drop cloth for the wash ability and cost factors, but it's a bit too creamy colored I think.

CINCO ::  A New Bed for the Master. 
Is making one a good idea?  I don't know.  I think I'd rather buy this one.  Here's what I'm going for...

SEIS :: An Organized Garage.
This will have to be a summer task.  I swear we talk about this every year.  It usually stays clean for 2 weeks.  But I'll get it to work this year.  I swear.  It's going to stay clean and organized!  It will make my life so much easier and I can't wait!
So there you have it!  Six things I'd like to get accomplished this year... I don't think that's too much to ask!  There are other projects I'd like to tackle that don't involve my house specifically that I'll share next time!  But for now I get to drool over inspiration for these projects!

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