31 Days (Late) // Craigslist Finds


Does anyone else adore craigslist like me?  Even if there is a little bit of danger involved??

I recently sold these chairs on Craigslist

And am still trying to sell this table...

But I have some great pieces from Craigslist in my house... Like this chair...which is now slipcovered.


And this trunk...

And E's Kitchen which has seen better days but I couldn't pass it up at $40

And this amazing buffet that I will never let go of...


But recently I've been looking for odds and ends and come across some of these great finds!

This would be really cool spray painted gold or a fun funky color... then I'd add a rounded piece of glass or acrylic to the top, but for $129 it's not bad...  I recently saw Sabrina Soto recreate something like this on her High/Low Project.

This table is very cool and the perfect conversation piece for a reading room or living room.


I am seriously in love with this sofa and have seen it a few times before...


These have a great shape and would look really good reupholstered in a strip or ikat (my fave).  And the price is right at $50 for the pair!


I love little end tables like this.  They are different and provide storage! This one is a bit pricey at $100 but it says it's an antique.

Those are my favorite finds for today...
More craigslist stalking another day...


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