31 Days // Stella & Dot


It's been a little while since I shared my love for Stella & Dot so it's about time we revisit the topic.

Plus, it makes me happy! 

And to my suprise this morning while perusing through my blogs on a quick break in the day, I came across this post from The EveryGirl which features our CEO & CCO.  -- Love them both -- 


Did I mention that I was called up to the stage at our recent HOOPLA event?!?

S&D is changing the lives of women everday and making us all a little more fashionable while doing it! 

Favorite pieces right now?

The Frida

The Sutton

The Tia CrossBody Bag - AMAZEBALLS

And our new charms... 

Check the entire new collection out at www.stelladot.com/abbyk or contact me and we'll set up a trunk show!  :)  It's fun!  And not to mention you'll earn free jewels too!


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