31 Days of My Happy // Small Successes

Is that a weird topic to chat about for 31 days?  My Happy? 

What is My Happy anyways?  Honestly, I don't even know that I'm sure, but I'm hoping to share along the way things that make me happy or made me happy.  Maybe somewhere along the way we'll find our happy place.  And I'm committing to write something for the next 31 days.  Each day I will write about something that made me happy.  It could be something as small as a coffee to as large as working on a new project.  Who knows?!  The best part... It will be a daily happy so don't take it too literally.  Something that could make me happy could seriously make me unhappy the next.  Watch out!

So today my happy will be my Big Girl.  I'm not going to say Baby Kakes because that doesn't allow for me talk more about her another day.  It will be the small successes of last night. So really today's happy is Celebrating Small Successes.

Last night, E became a big girl.
She's been in a crib now for 20 months... and just recently we've had issues.
So it was time for a change.

I think she was a little confused on what was happening...

But she was all about helping Daddy fix up her bed.

She kept saying "Confy Mommy" and I was cracking up.  
How cute is my little turd?!?

And the final product.

Well, she earned a more big girl bed.  For the past few nights she's been climbing out of her crib and last night, the first night in it, she slept all night in her big girl bed.  It was so fun to sit in her new bed reading books, singing her to sleep, and waking up knowing she was still asleep and safe in bed!


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