Getting Things Done Week -- First Edition, Volume Four

I told you we were getting things done around here and I was not joking!  We had a minor influx of cash... well that might come off wrong... I found about $150 in my budget that I could spend however I wanted and I decided to go to Ikea.  Yay.  Anyone else have a major love affair with Ikea like me?  I know you are all out there!  Anyways, I love them.  Probably more than is a normal amount and I know my husband probably hates them equally, but they take me to my happy place!  

So my friend Whitney and I made a day of it and hopped over to Cincy.  She is comical and I keep trying to get her to write a guest post because I think you'd all really enjoy it!  She had walked a 10 mile walk that morning and decided she's make the trip too. We did a few other things while there too, but that did not involve getting things done so that will have to wait.  You'll see more of that next week!  

I've been talking about a banquette in my home since we moved in.  It's been on the list as long as a fence.  And no, we still do not have a fence.  Although, I think I've finally proven the need for one to Mr K.  But no doubt I am on cloud nine right now with the progress in my home!  The fact that I bit the bullet and bought them made me nervous, excited, and anxious all in one!  

But nevertheless, it was time.  My original plan was to use Ikea Expedit bookcases on their sides as benches.  Easy enough, right?  Well, then I saw someone use the Hemnes TV stand as a bench and fell in love with that idea.  But with my $150 budget I decided to go with the expedit plan to save on time and money.  It was less involved and I think a better use of space for us. 

My kitchen really hasn't changed much since we moved in.  Same color.  Same table and chairs.  Same Art. 

It's pretty boring.  And it's our only place to eat so it needs to be functional and lovely at the same time. 

I would say too that I think it's like a waste of space because it just seems to use a lot with out it actually being used.  The window is hard to work around and it's almost an odd placement, but with a banquette I knew it would sit right at or under the sill = perfection!

Just wanted to share from both angles. 

So when I got home from Cincy last weekend, we ate some pizza because we were starving, said our goodbyes and I was too excited to sit so I decided to put the stuff together.  Mr K was so annoyed, but really I know he was super excited that he wasn't going to be the one putting the Ikea stuff together.  We both swear that Ikea has probably had to cause at least 60% of all divorces.  We just randomly came up with that number but never put these things together with your spouse.  E. V. E. R. 

And here we go... this is what I came up with....

I decided to go with one long (5 openings) and one short (2 openings) due to the kitchen.  I didn't want to feel too constricted over by the refrigerator (to the left in the above picture.  And I pushed the longer one all the way into the corner and butted the short up against it so we lost an opening, but this way there isn't a hole in the corner. 

I love it.  I love sitting at it, Baby Kakes love sitting at it and it really does open up our kitchen. 

It does look a little washed out with all the white but I believe that it will all come together with the fabrics and I'll be change the fabric on the chairs too. 

It still needs a cushion made and probably a few pillows. So I grabbed a couple from the living room to see what it would look like. 

Next up -- Baskets, Staging, JoAnns to see if they have any swoon worthy fabric!

My house is quickly transforming and I'm loving it!!! 

I'm thinking at some point I'll go back to Ikea and grab the baskets that fit in and use a couple for Baby Kake's art supplies, coloring books, paint, and other things we will want to keep downstairs. 

And what to do with that wall up above.... Shelving?  Racks? Chalk Menu?!?  Hmmm... 


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