Getting Things Done Week -- Edition One, Volume Three

You might remember these tables from a long time ago if you are long time follower.  I am guessing you don't though.  They have lived in all rooms of my house.  They started in my bedroom, then they moved to the living room for a while then they moved to the guest room, then the loft, then back to the guest room, and now they have taken up a home in the garage. 

I moved them down there because I was going to redo them and sell them at my booth "I Love Pickles."
So I sanded them down and gave them some loving. 

Whoever painted these the first time did an amazing job with the TAR that they used!  Like Woah!  This stuff was not wanting to come off or even sand down.  I sanded them at least 6x before I gave up and went back to my favorite primer again, hoping for the best.

I mean look -- It's like Chalk.  Seriously.
So I primed, and primed, and primed, then moved on to spray paint with primer and painted and painted and painted and finally gave up again...

But I now had a white table...

Then I figured why not try this table of mine back in the house.  I kind of liked the details I gave it. 
I "dipped" the legs of it with gold spray paint.  See addicted.  I really am.
But I just taped off the legs at 6 inches and did a quick gold spray.

But I needed to get rid of this janky table anyways... an old target table with a tray on top. 
Tray might get to stay in the room, but not the table.  It's time for Craigslist or a facebook garage sale page.  Someone else can love it more than I can.

And this looks so much better. 
Please don't judge that slipcover either because it could use a good wash as well as a dye. 

But I'm loving the way it looks.  I love that it also provides a little bit of storage as well.  YAY!

And look how cute the little "dipped" legs are! 

Then I got bored apparently and decided that it needed a little more sass to bring the gold into play and sprayed a little spray paint in the lid and hand painted this on. 
It's the little details, right?!?

Glad I didn't let this go...
But I do still have one more matching table that I don't need. 
Maybe it will not get a makeover (because I'm pooped).
Someone might love it as is too...


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