Goals for the Week - 9.16.13

Just another Monday has come again... anyone else feel like the weekends are never long enough?  I'm sure I've said that before, but seriously I feel like I've not had a moment to think since maybe the end of August?  Ugh... I'm so tired...

So in an effort to keep myself on track this week and try to check in here on the blog from time to time, I think I'll post my goals.  Maybe this will help me get my garage cleaned out and keep up with what actually needs to be done.  Along with all these things I would like to NOT have to go to the grocery this week, keep up with the laundry, and BLOG! 

So here are the goals for this week:

1.  Finish Dining Room Table
  • Finish Feet
  • Fill holes
  • Figure out top protective coat - wax is confusing me
2.  Sand and Fill the Buffet
  • Must clear out of garage!
  • Needs sanded down and painted!
3.  Finish Moms Who Drink & Swear aka READ

4.  Asses September Calendar and fill in holes.
  • Work on Stella
  • Organize projects
5.  Bed by 10 - 3 out of 5 days - Good Luck

6.  Figure out FREE projects around the house

7. Paint Frames for Living Room Art
  • Figure out if I really want to paint all of them or not -- I'm thinking the golds might coordinate as is
8. Take Pictures of E
  • This girl hasn't had pictures taken by me in forever, probably because we've been busy and she doesn't sit still anymore!
9.  Work on Command Center
  • Figure out how to make desk
  • Organize Inspiration - Mood Board?
  • Get everything organized and ready to go when desk is completed
Do you guys ever make a weekly goal list like this? 
I think I might start... It might help.

Happy Monday!

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