Getting Things Done Week -- Edition One, Volume One

Welcome to my FIRST EVER "Getting Things Done Week."  I feel like some things in my house are starting to come together and it's all about Getting Things Done! 

It's only been about FOREVER since we moved in and I had all these grandiose ideas for what my house would look like and pieces of furniture redone etc etc etc (said King & I style).  Now the time has come that I had a HUGE weekend of accomplishments and clearing a few projects out of my garage and it's time to share! 

Volume One
Vintage High Chair

My sister knew that I was looking for an old high chair to put somewhere in my kitchen.  Mind you my kitchen is small and I really prefer the look of an old high chair to a new bulky one or a booster seat (which we had previously).  So when my parents neighborhood had a garage sale she was walking around and came across this beauty.  For $15.  Yes, only $15.  Sold.  Score.  Awesome.

She bought it without consulting me but I love it.

I knew it would look good as a crisp white or gray since that's the way my kitchen is headed.  But since I find grays to be a pain in the buttocks, I decided to go with white rather than have 500 shades of gray in my kitchen when it's all said and done (when that day actually comes).

I ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed my favorite Rustoleum 2 in 1 Spray Paint & Primer and had at it!
What an easy job this one was...
No Sanding, just a nice quick clean up with a lysol wipe and then spray away...

I swear my neighbors are going to turn me in for doing too much spray painting, but seriously, it's just soo easy! 

And I'm really happy with how it turned out not to mention that E loves it!  She seriously loves this chair!  I think because it makes her feel more like a big girl. 

Any Spray Paint Projects you've done lately? 

And don't worry, there are more projects to come with GETTING THINGS DONE WEEK!

I have Volume's 2, 3, & 4 Ready to share so check back tomorrow for more! 


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