Ruler Growth Chart/Art - Part One

I've had these left over pieces of wood forever now...
Since we redid my brother's bedroom. 
We were going to use them for the top of a desk and opted for something else.
So they've just been sitting in my garage for a while now... stained and ready and waiting!

So, I decided to attempt to make this...

I started with this piece of stained wood and measured off 12 inch segments.

Then I marked the 6 inch segments to actually paint little darts on. 

Here's how that looked.  I don't mind that the marks aren't perfect, but I am wondering how to do the numbers.  Any thoughts? 

Some people used vinyl... I haven't looked into that yet.  I thought I could paint them on, but after doing one and letting it sit in our living room to see if I got used to it, I do not like it. 

I'll share the final product once I figure this out.

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