Good Monday Morning!  I hope you are all enjoying a day off like me! 

I thought, since I've had it for almost a month now that it was probably time to share with you...
My New Coffee table! 

As many of you know this has been something I've wanted for a looooong time.  The original one I wanted was from West Elm, but then it became unavailable.  I loved it for the wood quality, and that it was only $399 but you basically got 2 tables.  It was unique and not a coffee table you see everyday. 

When I realized that I wouldn't be able to get it, I settled for one from Ballard Designs.  Again, $399 which is a steal for Ballard, but sometimes Ballard can be expensive on shipping.  They both had the same raw wood look for the top combined with the iron legs.  I knew this one would work just as well. 

I was ready to buy and one day I was looking at Overstock.com and came across this!  WOAH!!!  Hold the phone!!! Too close to not try it AND it was only $199 so I was totally sold! 
Can you really tell much of a difference between the Ballard and the Overstock? 

Not much right?
I am so excited for my find! It works perfectly in my living room too! My living room that is slowly transforming...
Here she is!

I think I'm in love!  Now what to do with the BLANK wall behind the TV.  Any suggestions?!?

Happy President's Day!

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