Wanna Help Me Get To Build A School?

At Stella & Dot, we are always all about empowering women.  So why would our foundation be any different?
The Stella & Dot Foundation is focused on creating positive change in women's lives through the support of organizations that promote women through education or economic empowerment. To begin our endeavor, we have selected several organizations that support women at various life stages, as well as both locally and globally.

This year...
Stella & Dot is offering it's stylists the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime! 
For every 10 foundation bracelets sold on our websites or through trunk shows, we earn one entry to go on this trip! 

So, wanna help me build a school?  I need your help.  Tell you husbands, your kids, your wives, your friends, ANYONE you know!  All net proceeds from the Stella & Dot Foundation Bracelets go to the Stella & Dot charities!  ALL OF IT!

So what do you say?!?  Can you help a sista' out? :)  I know you can! 

I don't know about you, but this trip is not just a trip to Nicaragua... It's an experience that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. We would be going and hand building a new school. How amazing to be a part of this!?!?

Click here to get your foundation bracelet!  They even come in kids sizes too! 
*PS* They make AMAZING GIFTS!!!
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Happy Helping!

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