My {New} Chair

Does anyone remember my lovely PB Wing Chair that I found on Craigslist??? 

Well, it was a pumpkin-y color which is what drew me to it, but it didn't really go with my living room.  And recently my living room has taken some major turns <--we'll see where it ends up. 

So I needed something to take my chair in a different direction until I have the moola to have it recovered.  What could I do?  Oh yea, a slipcover!  What an easy, quick, and fairly inexpensive way to reinvent the chair!  So... I ordered one. 

While I love the linen look, I felt a slipcover in the linen color would be 2 things - (1) too close to my wall color and possibly blend in and (2) too close to my sofa color (tan) and be too matchy matchy.  I think my look is a bit eclectic.  I don't like things to match and I don't like sets unless it is artwork and for some reason I like sets of at least three with regards to that!  So I went with a creamy almost white <--- I know, majorly daring with two black dogs. 

So anyways... here's the before of my chair in the living room:

And here is the after:

What do you think?  I love feedback!  PS... please don't mind the mess by the bottom of the lamp.  It's a questionable area that tends to attract VHS/DVD/CD remnants. 

1 comment:

Marian said...

Love it!! It looks great. Looks like a completely different chair!

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