My Killer Valentine

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day on Monday.  Did anyone do anything fun and exciting? 

Our night consisted of surprising each other with small gifts, grabbing Noodles and Company take-out and ending up home on the couch basically falling asleep before 9pm.  Sounds romantic, right?  Well, it wasn't romantic, but Mike and I both learned that we are a pretty good team! 

We've been watching Dexter, the series, on Netflix through the Wii.  Have you seen it?  It's about a Forensic Detective who is a Serial Killer by night, but he only kills bad guys or people who have literally gotten away with murder.  Anyways, we've been watching like 2 episodes a night (I know, obsession but they are so good).  We actually got through seasons 1 and 2 in about 2 weeks.   That's 24 episodes and way too much TV, but apparently we have nothing better to do.

So I thought for Valentine's day, since we were pretty sure that even the DVDs by mail part of Netflix didn't have season 3 available, I would get Mike (and who are we kidding, me too) the Dexter Season 3 DVD set so we could continue to watch when we like.  I thought I was being all creative and good and even sneaky.

When I came home yesterday I tied a bow around the set and sat it on the coffee table with a card on top of it.  Mike came downstairs a few minutes later with a bag and I told him he could just set it on the table....that's when he saw his gift.  He started laughing and was like I knew it I knew it.... So I thought maybe we bought the same thing.  Oh well, right?  We've done this before... Ipods at Christmas. 

I opened my bag which seemed to be a DVD set so I knew we'd be taking something back soon.  But to my surprise, Mike got Dexter Season 4!  He said he figured I'd get season 3 so he thought I might as well get season 4.

And this is why Mike and I make a good team! :)  And why he's my "Killer" Valentine!
And that's our Valentine's day story for 2011.  We watched 2 episodes of Dexter while eating Noodles and Company dinners at our coffee table and were in bed by 10pm. 

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