Favorite Things { The Pickle Ornament }

Eva heard of it?!? 

Legend has it that the first child to find the Glass Pickle Ornament hidden deep within the Christmas tree will receive an extra gift from Saint Nicholas. No one knows where this legend first began but our money's on that aforementioned child.

Some have and some haven't heard of this fun tradition.  We started this at our house when I was a kid because we were given a pickle ornament by our aunt.  Ever since then, we've broken the pickle ornament each year!  HAHA... so needless to say that the tradition has gone by the wayside at my parents house. 

I did however introduce this tradition to Mr. K's parents who continue to hang the ornament and buy an extra gift.  And do you know who wins this extra gift every year it seems?!?  Me!

Yep, I get myself a pizza hut giftcard from his parents every Christmas Eve because I seem to be the one who finds it! 

And this is probably what we look like looking for the pickle ornament!  haha. 

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