12 Days of Christmas { Crafts }

It's time for crafty funness! 
Today is the 4th day in the 12 days of Christmas here at Little Miss Martha.

I'll be sharing 3 completed crafts.

First up - Advent Calendar

Remember when I found this calendar at Garnet Hill?

Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar

Well, I figured I'd make my own version of it! 
I found one from Martha Stewart that was similar, but used baby socks. 

So I found these socks at Meijer.com and ordered them.

Then I got some clothes pins.  I thought about getting mini ones, but (1) I couldn't find them and (2) these worked just fine! 

Then I painted the fronts of them white, green, and red.

Here's the socks hanging on twine.  It was suggested to use ribbons, but I attempted with some I had at home and wasn't really sold on the look.  I thought this looked a little more rustic and natural. 

And here they are hanging by the tree! 

So happy with how it looks!  I love it! 

Next up - Snow Globes!

I shared with you my snow globes here...
And here when I used them in my tablescapes...
So this will be a short share. 
I made 4 more for some of the skating coaches...
Here they are!

Last Project - Santa Belt Ornaments 

This was a last minute craft I decided to take on because it was so cute.  It even got a "how cute" out of Mr. K who doesn't always get into my crafts. 

Here's what you'll need if you'd like to tackle too:
(1) Red Ball Ornaments
(2) Sticky Black Felt
(3) Gold or White and Gold Pipe Cleaneres
(4) Hot Glue Gun

I took the black sticky felt and cut it in a long strip then placed it around the ornament.

Then I took the pipe cleaner and made a small rectangle at the end of it.

Then cut it off the end so that I just had the rectangle. 

Then I added hot glue to the part where the felt came together and placed the rectangle on top.

And Voila! 
A cute, easy, Santa Belt Ornament

I know, too easy!!! 

Happy Weekend!

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