12 Days of Christmas { Tablescapes }

Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas is all about the tablescapes. 

I don't usually make my table up because (1) it's just in our kitchen - we don't have a dining room and (2) we never eat at our table or host any holiday parties so it's not necessary.  

Well, this year, I was hosting my cookie party and I just felt like it...especially once I made those snow globes.  I was just in the spirit to attempt a tablescape.  

Now, don't get any ideas!  It's not anything compared to some of those I've seen out there.   
There are some absolutely gorgeous table settings out there! 

Like these:
sparkle table  #1

silver ornaments white pot cg
What do you think?  Gorg, no?

Your answer should be yes.

So here's my first attempt ever at a holiday tablescape.  And I tried my hardest to only use what I had on hand. 

I used 3 of the new snow globes I had made. 
I used candle holders that I had been given as a gift and put white ornaments and/or trees in them.
I used some of the extra trees I had purchased for snow globes. 
And I had a couple of silver ornaments that I used. 
Then I used candlesticks as little props for the pieces for different heights.

For the table as a whole, I used a white tablecloth I had on hand and a large piece of faux linen fabric as a liner.  I just folded it to make it lay straight down the middle. 

Then when I set the table, I used some little beaded floral accents and holiday headbands that I picked up at Wal-Mart.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself...
I was pleased, but next time I think I'll go all out!
And it looks like I'll have to start planning around Halloween in order to have the items that I need!
It's a little plain so next year I think I'll add more color. 

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