Recap of 2011 { 2nd Six Months }

Round 2! 

The second six months around here have been pretty hectic!  Mr. K and I have both been working our bums off trying to figure out how to handle this entire pregnancy.  I was sick from about May through September!  And working and skating and all that jazz! 

So here's a round-up of the second half of 2011!

I went to San Francisco - my second trip to the West Coast - for Stella & Dot.  It was a ton of fun and I got to meet and listen to so many inspiring women.  Hoping to continue with this in 2012!

Mr. K and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary at another wedding.  Kinda crazy that we spent the exact same weekend in Iowa celebrating with Kevin and Breigh! 

I started to work on the gallery wall by pulling together lots of mismatched frames and inspiration!


I continued to work on our gallery wall at the top of the stairs!  I used paper to decide where to hang everything!  It's finally up now and I think I can reveal it at some point... prego brain got the best of me on what I shared when finished and what I didn't.

I finished the bench for the end of our bed.  I ordered some sassy fabric from Fabric.com and was on my way to this!  And we love it!

I shared with you guys the big announcement that we were expecting!


My mom made a new brooch bouquet for Sara and we attended her wedding in Chicago.  I love this one as it looks like wild flowers picked from a field.  It's completely different than mine. 

I shared with you guys that we are expecting a little baby girl come January 2012!  No names yet but you can see nursery/baby posts here

I added art to the walls of my bedroom without breaking the bank by using free printables and frames found at goodwill! 

I made my own version of the very trendy now ruler growth charts.  I think it's really cute... but am now kind of at a loss as to where to place this bad boy!

And I found a rocker for the nursery for only $30 on craigslist!  Jackpot! 
The harder part was finding a reupholsterer! 



I had my first crazy pregnancy dream... yea, it was weird.

I attempted to dye lampshades with the tutorial that I found over at Little Green Notebook. 


We officially turned the office into a nursery by starting the process and painting... No picture here.

We decorated for Halloween in Kellermeyer Fashion.  Scared a few kiddos in the process with the Monster Box and Rodger!  Hoping to add to our display in 2012! 

We found the dresser for the nursery on Craigslist after searching EVERYWHERE!  And by EVERYWHERE, I mean EVERYWHERE!
image 0

With the help of some cork squares, I organized my jewelry so that I could see it so that I could wear it!  It has since fallen off the door so I need to rethink this one! The jewelry was too heavy...

I attempted to make a ghost for Halloween (although I'd call it a semi-fail) with guidance found at The Lettered Cottage.  He was cute, but looked nothing like theirs!


Went to Memphis to visit my sister and delivered some chairs to her for her patio.  We originally went for her Senior night, but she was injured and is now going to do another year or half year.  So I guess we'll be making one more trip to Memphis! 

I had my first baby shower hosted by Mr. K's mom and aunt.  Kind of a bummer because people are turds, but we had great time with who was there and I got a lot of cute things! 

I started working on the mobile for the nursery.  I saw the idea all over the Internet... apparently everyone has tried this. 

I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for about 10 people.  It was decided last minute that we would host a small dinner, that turned into a bigger dinner because Mr. K was supposed to have hockey the day after Thanksgiving and I had to work.  It was good though... I tried a few new recipes!


I continued to work on the mobile... what seems to be the never-ending project.  Which still isn't done and I'm considering reworking it... Great...

I made my own version of the snow globes found at Anthropologie.  They were a hit with everyone!  And I love them especially!

And I hosted a Cookie Decorating party and started a 12 Days of Christmas (which I only completed 9 or 10 days) - maybe I'll finish those up this week!

So there you have it!  There are only a handful of days left in December so I figured I could cut it off there!  What was your favorite thing about 2011 or do you have a favorite post her or elsewhere?!  Do share!

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