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One of my oldest and dearest friends got married this weekend in Chicago and let me tell you, every bit about it was BEAUTIFUL!  It was like something out of a magazine... a Southern Weddings meets Vintage meets Kitchy vibe.  Complete with a bluegrass band, some completely adorable bow ties, and of course... a brooch bouquet. 

Sara and I have known each other since about kindergarten...maybe even pre-school... Ahh, the Canterbury days... We grew up skating together - there were 3 of us the same age - Sara, Lindsey, and myself.  Sara was the oldest, Lindsey the middle, and me the baby. Sara's mom started us all in skating as our first coach. She's still one of my favorites to see at the competitions! So this weekend completed the next chapter for us three with Sara getting hitched to the most adorable man and becoming Mrs. Darling.

Apparently last year when I walked down the aisle with mine my friend was a bit upset.  ;)  I had no idea that she'd been planning on doing this for her wedding... Sorry Sar!  Anyways, so she had been collecting brooches to make one for her special day.  Well, that day came this year and who better to help an oldest and dearest friend, but my mother!   

Below is the brooch bouquet that was carried in Sara's wedding made by Jewel Be Gorgeous
She wanted something that was very casual that felt like a bushel of flowers you had hand picked
I think they accomplished that...


Now, let me just say that my camera does not do this cutie justice. 
I can't wait to see what the professional photographers do with this!


And needless to say Sara LOVED it and was so excited about it! 
I believe her words to me Sunday night were
"How awesome is my bouquet and how awesome is your mom?!?"

I'd say that I have to agree Mrs. Darling...
To both!

More details on the 'Darling' wedding to come this week!

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Marlee said...

I love it! It looks so different! Great blog, am a new follower.


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