Friday Favorites

Not much to talk about today...
So, I'll pick some of my favorite things from the past week that I saw on the blogs I follow! 

I saw these on Cheap and Chic Nursery yesterday!  I love the animal head thing... not sure why, but I just do.  So why not do them in paper mache?!?  These particular ones are from Dwell Studio and are around $70, but I'm sure that we could do this ourselves, right?!?  Everyone knows (when I have time) I'm always up for a good DIY. 


Win FREE Carpet Everyday for a Month!!!  Did you see this over at Remodelaholic too?!?  I know I did!  All you have to do is like SHAW Floors on Facebook, enter your email address into the 30 days of HGTV Home tab and vote for your favorite room!  Too easy!  And too good of a deal to miss out on!!! 

Go vote for Cassity & Roeshel's room now!


Do you know by now that I'm a sucker for lighting re dos?!?  Welp, I am.  Yep, you heard me right!  Anytime someone takes a light fixture they bought at Goodwill or a Garage Sale or Craiglist and takes it from Brass to Sass, I'm in love!  Well, Melissa has done it again over at 320 Sycamore!  She took a very cute little brassy chandelier and turned it into this!

august 2011 076 1

Jealous?!?  I am... just a little though...
Alright, you got me... A LOT!

I'll definitely be stealing this idea from Mrs. Limestone over at A Brooklyn Limestone!  How stinkin' cute!  And by stinkin' I mean FABULOUS!!!  She made her own Catch All Plate!  It looks too easy... definitely adding it to my to-do list! 

I found this DIY from Home Stories A to Z through Tip Junkie and now I know exactly (well, exactly how...maybe not exactly) I'm going to sass up my drop cloth curtains in the bedroom!!!  Beth brought some knock-off awesome-ness to the table with these!  So long Ballard... Hello Ikea and a little paint... with a little help from Martha it was a success! 


And lastly, I really appreciate the Tips that Sarah gave out on Thrifty Decor Chick.  She did an entire post on Tips for a Blogger!  I love these posts... because I feel like I need to be more aware of how to get this blog going!  Maybe it's just me.. maybe I need to get going... but really, I think we have some fun things on here!  And I love to share the lovelies I find with you!  So thanks to Sarah for sharing and hop on over there and check out all the great stuff she does and finds and you know... blogs about!

We have a wedding in Chicago this weekend to go to!  My most Favoritest City in the World (that I've been to)!  So I can't wait to share that... and of course, our stop that we'll be making at IKEA!!! Maybe my most other Favoritest place in the world!  haha...

Happy Friday everyone!

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