Garden Ridge

So excited!!!

The other day we were driving to go get Sushi at our most favorite sushi place in our little town - Sushiyama - and we were driving by an old building that used to be sears/kmart and has been empty for probably 2 years now... and low and behold it said...

Jack to the pot!  JACKPOT!!! 

Before, the closest Garden Ridge to our house was like 40 minutes away!  And now, 5 minutes! 
Yes, you read that correctly... 5 minutes!  I about lost it when I saw it! 
I think I almost peed my pants when we drove by the first time! 

And what great timing!  Just in time for Christmas!!!  Oh yea!!! 


Might be time to redo the tree this year!!!

And in Mr. K's case - Halloween!!!


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