T-Minus 60 Days

To Halloween that is...

YES!!!  Can't wait this year!!!  Not sure why I'm so excited, but I am. 

After walking through Michael's this week, I am super stoked!  Decor is out the wazoo there and I'm ready to snatch it all up and get my house in the mood! 

Remember... this is one of Mr. K's favorite holidays so he gets all into it. 

You may remember the monster box -
I'll search for a video later... it's great!  Wish I had the kids jumping on video from last year! 

Or Roger as I so lovingly referred to him as -

So I wonder what he's got up his sleeve this year...
He's told me that he wants to do either a Jack-In-The-Box which I promptly veto-ed after seeing the example video
Or a doll graveyard on our front lawn which I also promptly veto-ed since we need to be semi-family friendly!  There are a ton of kids in our neighborhood! 

I think we should make something that you can stick your head into like this so that people will take pictures in front of the house... how funny would that be?!?

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