12 Days of Chrismas { Letter to Santa }

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I was wondering if you could stop by a little after the usual drop off of December 25th. You see, I was wondering if you could bring me a little bundle of joy towards the end of January (as planned) that is healthy and happy and as beautiful as can be.

If that’s too much to ask, then I’d like to drop a few things in this note to you that Mr. K and I could use around the house:

(1) A Maid
  • Why? No, it’s not because we are too lazy to clean… it’s because we are usually too tired. We work a lot and with this baby coming we aren’t sure how we are going to continue to keep up with everything.
(2) Some Bookshelves
  • We need some new bookshelves for our loft.  Ours currently look like the leaning tower of Pisa.
  • Please notice the tilt of the one on the left. Probably not a good idea to have those around once this little baby pops on out. They definitely need replaced. If I could find some on Craigslist that would be grand so maybe you can help out with that? If you give new ones to someone else, let me know if they list the old ones!
(3) Patience
  • Please bring patience to both Mr K and I. Lord knows we’ll need it come January. I do not like a lot of noise so I’m hoping this baby is happy and doesn’t cry too much although I am almost assured that will not be the case.  But patience would help us get through this time.  Oh, and if you could let people know or if you are bringing some for the baby that quiet toys are best that would be great too!
(4) A Money Tree
  • Do you have these? It would be nice if you could throw one my way.
(5) New Flooring
  • I’d like to share with you our flooring situation… Yes, we are in dire need of new carpet.  There are two holes in the carpet in our bedroom, we have a huge hole in our guest bedroom, and then there is a rip going through the floor in our living room.  New flooring is probably necessary very soon.  Or a coupon or discount code works too!
Wow, that’s a very scattered list. Let’s blame it on the prego brain.

I realize that you are a very busy guy and there are many people out there less fortunate than Mr. K and I. We appreciate all that we have and are willing to wait to get new things so if you are too busy around Christmas, feel free to drop in around the end of January. Someone is bound to be home and awake…

Right now we just hope for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2012 and a happy and healthy baby girl. I’m sure there are things that we will find out we really do need, but for now, a happy & healthy baby, a happy home, and each other is about all we need to get by.
That money tree sure would be nice though…

Hoping to see you after Christmas,

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