Favorite Things & A Winner { Stella & Dot Holiday Sample Sale }

With the new launch coming in January, I thought I'd start to weed through my Stella & Dot Samples and see what might be able to be let go of... Letting go of these pieces is always hard, but I have so much jewelry!

Time to let some go...

But before I do, I'd like to say congrats to Daphne who is the winner of the
Stella & Dot Girls Friendship Bracelet! 

Thanks to all those who entered! 
And some little girl will also be getting a bracelet thanks to this giveaway! 
Buy One Gift One!
I'll be getting that out to you sometime this week Daphne!  :)

Ok, so here goes...
There are two ways to purchase...
(1) Spend over $100 at my e-boutique and choose anything from the list for free
(2) Send me an email of which pieces you'd like and I'll send you an invoice through paypal. 

*There will be a $3.00 shipping fee added to your paypal invoice for all* 
*All sales are final*
*Some pieces do show a little wear as they were samples, but all are still in great wearable condition unless otherwise noted!*

Allie Pearl and Ribbon Necklace
Originally - $27
Now - $18

Chloe Necklace
Originally - $39
Now - $20

La Coco Silver Chain Necklace
Originally - $69
Now - $40

Pave Bee Pendant Necklace
Originally $44
Now - $30

Threaded Pearl Coin Necklace
Originally - $59
Now - $18
*Does have slight fray between 2 coins*

River Lariat
Originally - $69
Now - $40

Soiree Pave Bracelet Black
Originally - $39
Now - $20

Rio Coin Bracelet
Originally $89
 Now - $45

Baby Flower Post Earrings
Originally - $29
Now - $15

Pearl Drop Earrings - Ivory/Silver
Originally $29
Now $18

Perfect Faceted Black Earrings
Originally $39
Now - $20

See anything you'd like?  Ready to finish your xmas shopping? 

Orders over $100 can pick something for free!
*I'll contact you if that's the case to see what you'd like*
*Make sure to input your email with your order!*

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Ruby Claire said...

Thanks for the weblink, I'll go have a look at it out right now! Thanks for all of your desires, God is excellent.

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