DIY Snow Globes - Anthro Inspired

Remember last week when I told you about the crafts that I wanted to attempt for the holidays? 
The Anthropologie Snow Globes being one of them?! 
Well, here's what my kitchen table looked like this weekend!  It was like an explosion of crafts, gifts, trees, attempted centerpieces, etc!  It was a crazy hot mess... and still is.  I'm not going to lie!

No No!  Let me recap that crazy mess for you!

So... I drove all over town looking for trees, jars, snow, and anything I might be able to throw in these jars to make them resemble the ones we saw at Anthro.  I found all kinds of trees.  Tree would obviously work.  Some were in packages at Michaels, some were from Wal-Mart, and I think I had a couple from Hobby Lobby. 

I really liked the flocked ones because even though they weren't silver flocked like the ones from Anthropologie, they looked a little more wintry!

I'm still going to make a few more as gifts, but here's how mine ended up!

Here's a side by side comparison! 
The only difference is the bit of silver on the trees and the size of the jar. 
I'm pretty pleased with them!

How are your crafty holidays going?

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1 comment:

Kristina said...

These are super cute! My holiday crafts....hmm...not really going - hehe. They need to be but haven't exactly started yet. I did make a wreath for our front door for $10 - when one similar was like $50 on sale at Michaels, which is just insane to me! :)

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