Nursery Dresser Reveal

Since lately I've been told "I"ll do it" instead of me being the one saying that, I have missed out on a few "before" pictures.  Like that of our dresser. 
Remember this dresser we found on Craigslist? 
image 0
Well, that's the only before picture I've got so it will have to do! 
Mr. K used the new paint sprayer that I purchased to spray this bad boy down.  To take it from yellow to crisp white so that it would better fit in the nursery.  At one point, we had contemplated keeping it yellow as it's a super cute dresser as is, but once we got the yellow in the room we decided it had to be white. 
Mr K painting a bed - to be revealed later...
Stealing the idea from a few other blogs of using the original hardware but just spray painting it, I went out on the search for the perfect shade of teal.  It's actually a teal that I'm in love with!  My sister brought it back with her from school last year and I've been holding on tight to the spray can since then!  However, I was going to need more than that to do my projects for the nursery.  So... I went to Home Depot to find my beloved color!  Lagoon by Rustoleum.  Teal, Turquoise, Lagoon...whatever you want to call it, it's the best color ever! 
So here are the handles/hardware in the middle of the process... They needed two coats, but they are cute and were too good to not use!  And look how cute they are teal! 
So with the dresser being sprayed white and the hardware ready, it was time to assemble the drawers again and bring it up to the nursery. 
And TaDa!  I think I'm in love and am so happy with how it turned out!
Full frontal view!  I'll be adding a changing pad and a basket to the top and possibly a mirror and the mobile over it.
The handles up close.  Look at the details in them.  I couldn't pass up using them!
And a final view... I'm super pleased with how this turned out! 
Thanks Mr. K for taking charge on this one painting wise!
Next up with Lagoon, the mini rocker!

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Starting the New year off with some new reveals! 
Happy 2012 everyone!

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