A Recap of 2011 { 1st Six Months }

With 2011 quickly drawing to a close, I figured I'd better recap how the last year has played out for Mr. K and I...
At least according to my posting habits...  ;)


We hung hooks in our pantry.
Mr. K took a piece of scrap wood and we bought some hooks and about 20 min later, we had a place to hang our hats and coats! 

I decided to read Twilight - and failed to finish.  I watched the movie instead.
I'm not good at finishing books.

And I refinished my Goodwill ottoman (which I'm now ready to part with...haha).
I found an ottoman that was dated and worn.  I then disassembled it, repainted it (2x), and reupholstered the top cushion to be used in our loft. 


Mr. K and I attempted to make homemade pasta with one of our Christmas presents. 
Homemade pasta... Yummy!
My own little Chef Boyardee!

I found a new found love for slipcovers... making my Orange PB chair look like this! 
Slipcovers are amazing and usually fairly cheap.

I added a star burst mirror wall in our entryway.
This is probably one area of my home that hasn't changed since I hung them. 
And my mom has a wall just like it at her house!

And we got a new coffee table!
Thanks Mom and Dad for our Christmas Gift!
It's one of my favorite pieces in our living room!


Mr. K took his hockey team to the Indiana State High School Hockey Championships... AND WON!!!
Woot Woot!  Go CCHC!

I took a Plain Jane bulletin board from drab to fab!
This DIY Inspiration board was easy and it looks way better than just a blah bulletin board!
However, it now needs a new home since the office became the nursery.

Our Wedding was featured at Hey Gorgeous!
{ but apparently it's not there anymore :( }
Kinda bummed about this one...

We got a new secretary from my grandmother and it's now in our living room.
I'd like to paint it a gray blue at some point { or who am I kidding, have it painted } but that's way down the road.  For now it sits in our living room RED as can be.


In April we lost someone very close to our hearts - Miss Sue.  She set Mr. K and I up - she made him call me.  I can't say what she called him on this blog... but she told him that he was { you choose the word } if he didn't call me.  Then we had our first date on Christmas Eve of 2004? Wow... we are old and have been together forever!  Thanks to Miss Sue for changing my life forever!

I took a lamp from Brass to Sass with spray paint.
This was for my little brothers big boy room makeover! 
See the inspiration boards here and here.

I helped my mother with redoing my brothers room.  I think it turned out quite nicely...
but it has changed a lot since I left it!


*I found out I was expecting... although I didn't share with you guys until later*

I updated the bench in the pantry to look like this.
We moved the previous brown one to the top of our stairs and redid this craigslister for here!
I still think we should do a built in with storage!

I found my first official gray hair and wrote about how I thought I might embrace my gray days here.

We had our hallway painted... finally.
Thanks to Groupon and Mr K for picking the color! 
I freaking love it!  Love Love Love! 
And it goes so well with how I'd like our living room to end up!

Mr K and I added a mini patio on the back side of our house for our trash bins. 
This was a great "team building" project for Mr. K and I!  HAHAHAHHAH!!!
I crack myself up!  That means there was lots of yelling!

And I customized a doormat for our front porch!
And I love it... although because of how our house sits, it has faded a little. 
It needs a little black spray paint lovin'.


I found a bench on Craigslist for $10 to redo for my bedroom.
It took a while to finish it because I had to order fabric and all kinds of things. 
And now, it might get redone again and be moved to the loft... who knows!

I participated in a Flip Flop Swap with a few other blogs and got these bad boys to wear all summer!
Love me some flip flops!  I might have to find another one of these to do this summer again!

And I recapped the midway point of the house goals made in January. 
I feel like we've made no progress... even at the 12 month mark!
Guess those just roll over into 2012...

That's a midway recap of the posts of 2011!  Wow... that's a lot!   Tomorrow I'll share July through December! 

I can't believe it's almost time to start another new year again...
Wow how the time flies...

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