Isn't She Lovely

I love vintage. I'm not sure why. 
I love antiques.  Again, I'm not sure why.

My house is a really eclectic mix of mismatched furniture and different colors and nothing really goes together, but that's just it... it kind of does. 

My latest item:
My Grandmother's Secretary.  It's actually a Jasper Cabinet from the Jasper Cabinet Company.  Apparently it's a real antique.  I think it might be my first REAL antique.  All my others are just make-shift antiques from goodwill. 

But anyways, here she is...

Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  Ok, enough with my Lionel Richie songs (that is who sings that song, right?!?).  I think I am in love.  Even Mike said it was a "nice piece."  I don't think those words ever come out of his mouth!  WOAH!  But yea, I love her. 

You may have even noticed the new curtains.  Those are my other latest edition.  I think I love them too!  I've got an obsession with Paisley.  It's beginning to be a problem. 

But yea, so you might remember my living room plan.  Let's revisit that because Mrs. Secretary has put a wrench in my decorating plans.  Mostly because she's red... I think I've digressed from this plan... and I was doing so good and getting so close!

Do you think the red goes with this scheme?  Do you like the red with the new curtains?  Also, do you think another statement piece of furniture in a bold color will clash?!?  I'd love to hear your thoughts...


DivaCafe said...

I do love the red!! That secretary is lovely and I think that all the furniture you have displayed flow. It is also nice having a touch of your Grandmother:) Are all the other pieces yours as well or just examples?

I love decorating, but then again furniture is my profession:)

- - Little Miss Martha - - said...

Hi Dede!
The inspiration board is items that I found on polyvore.com that were comparable to what I have in my home. Most of the other "home" pictures on my blog though are mine. :) Thanks for Stopping by!

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