Ever Need This?

Do you ever have days where you need a topic to talk about?
I know I do. 

Today is one of those days...
I have a lot of topics in progress, but nothing is finished because most of them are DIY. 

So today I'm using this
A Blog Topic Generator. 
Let's see what it says?
It said the Most Terrifying Animal. 

No thanks...
Have you had any luck with this type of thing or how do you decide what to blog about?! 

Happy (hopefully) Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty new to this, but if I'm having trouble with an idea, I will start a list of things (that I'm happy about, that irritate me, things that are going on...) Usually, I end up rambling about one thing, and delete the rest and make the post about that one thing.
Happy Monday to ya!

Kristina said...

I'll be honest, somedays blogging can just be hard. Plain and simple. I do love blogging, and I try to challenge myself to 5 days a week, but sometimes that can just be hard. I tried out your Random Topic Generator...came up with...Fergie's Marriage - hmm, I'm not sure when I will be that desperate about a post but maybe one day when I really need a post I will continuously hit the Generate button until something comes up good. I have started little series on my blog and I use them when I need them. I tried the same series every week but that got boring for me and my blog seemed completely routine. So, they have their days and sometimes when I have extra time and it's a week of little inspiration I will schedule on or two of my series that week {for the specified days, of course -haha}, and if I get an inspiration I schedule that too. I found if I have something scheduled I feel less pressure on the day of and I find more inspiration and then stick it on another day, or if it's pressing I'll have 2 posts in a day.

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