Mondays with Martha

Clearly, I'm a Martha fan.  And clearly, most of those around me regularly know it.  I am not quite as perfect as her, I may not have all the resources as she does, but I do with what I have and I'm always worried about the presentation and my guests! 

After thinking about this blog and where it's come from and where it will be going, I thought I should incorporate her more...her DIYs, her food, her little tricks and trades... As Little Miss Martha, I'll do my best to represent Martha as best I can.  For now though, I'm going to start a Monday's with Martha thread.  It probably won't be everyone Monday, but it will allow me to bring a bit of her and some great inspiration to us all. 

So, here we go...
I think this will be a GREEN week... interpret how you will.  ;)  There may be some recycling efforts, some gardening efforts, and just feeling green in general (although I hope not). 

I'm thinking of spring so green is perfect!  In this case, house plants or greenery in the home.  Here is an example of Budding Chirita 'Aiko,' red-flowered Columnea 'Boehme' and 'Firebird,' and the moss Selaginella kraussiana.  Martha puts them in designer made pots and buys the saucers underneath at tag sales.  I'm sure you could get the same look with painted Terra Cotta. 
These are displayed on antique cast iron stands.  I die.  Am I missing Rachel Zoe do you think?  Wonder if Rachel and Martha would get along?  Hmmm... I digress.  I love how they give you a height differential and also leave room for the plants to grow!  These are ivy and fern.  We used ferns at our wedding... They were very nice on the altar... just enough color!


Here Martha has a couple of house plants on a guest's nightstand.  Do you do this?  I think if I put LIVE plants in my guest bedroom I'd forget about them and they'd die.  I have a tendency to kill indoor plants.  Outdoor ones I'm actually pretty good with.... just not so much the indoors.  Something I should probably add to my 2011 to-do list.  Work on becoming a Master Gardner - Indoor and Out.  Plus, these are orchids.  I have had an orchid before.  I've found that they are hard to water and give enough sunlight to.  Very beautiful and a great welcoming plant, I just am not sure that they are for me. 


And lastly, my love of succulents comes out here!  Do you remember my succulent search?  Did I share that with you?  I was originally going to do mini potted succulents for my wedding favors... That got to be out of control price wise... But I loved the idea!  And ever since then I've had a love for all forms of cacti. 

This display is very cool.  I think I would totally do it IF I had an extra dining table that I didn't need to use all the time!  Ha!  Someday, right?  But I think it would add such depth to a room to have all these different kinds of plants sitting together.  It's like art in itself! 


So... do you guys use house plants?  I have tried, but like I said... they die!  I kill them!  I don't mean to!  I try really hard, but I never have much success.  What about those trees you can get?  Or banana plants?  I love all the plants you can find at Ikea... just wondering if anyone else has tips, trades, ideas, success stories of their own house plants?!? 

Happy Monday!

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